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About Dr. Noori

Dr. Arshia Noori received his undergraduate degree from UCLA and his medical degree from Chicago Medical School.  He completed his post-graduate training in Internal Medicine at the University of Colorado. He completed his sub-specialty training in Cardiovascular Disease followed by Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology at the University of Vermont. 


Dr. Noori is triple board certified in Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology, Cardiovascular Disease and Internal Medicine. 

He is a member of the American College of Cardiology, the Heart Rhythm Society, and the Cardiac Electrophysiology Society.


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Dr. Noori is a specialist in cardiac electrophysiology and has a very strong background in heart failure.  He was involved in innovative research in heart failure under the mentorship of physician-scientists who performed groundbreaking research in the use of beta-blockers as a new modality for treatment of heart failure patients. 

Cardiac Electrophysiology being a relatively young field, he had the pleasure of working with and benefiting from the experience of world-renowned individuals who were involved in the pioneering research and development of many of the tools used today for treatment of cardiac rhythm disturbances.  His research involved better understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in atrial fibrillation.

Dr. Noori’s interest and expertise are in catheter ablation for the treatment of rhythm abnormalities such as supraventricular tachycardias (SVT), atrial fibrillation and flutter as well as ventricular arrhythmias.  Catheter ablation can result in a cure for most of these arrhythmias.  Additionally, Dr. Noori implants devices such as pacemakers and cardiac defibrillators that help prevent sudden death from life threatening cardiac arrhythmias in individuals at risk.  When it comes to providing state-of-the-art therapies in heart failure, Dr. Noori is among the best to turn to.  His research interests along with his extensive specialized training in this field has made him highly qualified in implantation of new biventricular pacemakers, which are specialized devices that help improve cardiac function as well as symptoms of patients suffering from heart failure.